Jazzboy ‘Jazz & Lizzie’ : Tickles your fancy then opens your mind to many things you’d never thought inviolable


Based in Paris, avant-pop auteur Jazzboy is compelling, riveting at times, and always visionary in expression.

Following a period of gestation, touring with acts like Eartheater, Agar Agar, Ryan Power, Sloppy Jane and Tredici Bacci, Parisian avant-pop auteur Jazzboy hatches from his chrysalis with title-track of upcoming 10-track double-EP ‘Jazzapocalypse’ (out now).

Produced in his cluttered bedroom, lit only by the flickering blue light emitted from dozens of Matrix-esque screens, Jazzboy crawls over keyboards and wires producing mutations of late-twentieth century electronic music. On the new single, synths hark back to 90s rave and hardcore, while some of his earlier offerings felt like twisted New Romantics’ pop.

It’s a rule of space and time.

He tickles your fancy then opens your mind to many things you’d never thought inviolable. Full stop.

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Aujourd'hui je donne naissance à mes jumeaux mutants, Jazzapocalypse Vol.1 et Jazzapocalypse Vol.2 🙂 🙃 Comme des jumeaux, ils ont pris vie au même endroit (mon cerveau et les 2 cabanes perdues en France dans lesquelles je les ai enregistrés), mais ils sont aussi différents qu'ils sont liés. J'ai pensé le tout comme une comédie musicale sur le thème de la métamorphose, dont le Vol.1 serait une tragédie chantée par des personnages, et le Vol.2 la B.O instrumentale de cette même histoire. C'est aussi la première fois que je sors de ma coquille confortable et que j'ouvre la fenêtre de ma chambre à des lumières extérieures. J'aimerais donc dire un merci infini aux rayons de soleil qui ont éclairé la poussière: Jazz 💁‍♂️ Lizzie 💁‍♀️ @loucye300 🦆 La nature 🌸 @wkrampf 🎧 🎛 @superpomke 🧝‍♀️ J'espère que cette musique vous accompagnera un petit bout de l'été et qu'elle résonnera dans d'autres chambres poussiéreuses 💗 _____________________________________________ Today I give birth to my mutant twins, Jazzapocalypse Vol.1 and Jazzapocalypse Vol.2 🙂 🙃 Like twins, they came from the same place (my brain and the two isolated cabans in France where I recorded them), but they are now as different as they are connected. I thought of the whole thing as a musical about metamorphosis, in which the Vol.1 would be a tragedy sung by several characters, and the Vol.2 would be the soundtrack to that very story. It's also the first time that I hatch out of my comfy eggshell and that I open my room's only window to external lights. So I would like to say THANK YOU to each and every ray of light that illuminated the dust: Jazz 💁‍♂️ Lizzie 💁‍♀️ @loucye300 🦆 La nature 🌸 @wkrampf 🎧 🎛 @superpomke 🧝‍♀️ I hope this music will take you through this hot summer to come and that it will resonate in plenty of other dusty rooms 💗

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is it the end ? ? ?

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