Jazzy Mejia ‘Perfect’ : Born out of quarantine. Each track on the album stems from self-realization. Personal life experiences.

Jazzy Mejia

R&B Artist Jazzy Mejia has released a new music video for ‘Perfect’, off of her first EP ‘Seven24’.

Born out of quarantine due to COVID-19, each track on the album stems from self-realization and personal life experiences. The music video for “Perfect” illustrates finding bliss in just being with your significant other and making every moment spent together special.

“This was so much fun to film!” said Jazzy. “Not only is this one of my fav songs off the new EP but it was also the first time I’ve ever shot a video with my boyfriend! It was so nice to just hang and do what we always do! I’m so glad ShotXero was able to capture such honest, natural, intimate moments for the ‘Perfect’ video.”

Music has always been a part of her life and having watched her sister, Natalie Mejia’s winning performance on the television show Girlicious at the age of 12, inspired her to start her own female vocal group. She has been in girl groups such as N2ition, LT3, Mejia, and G.R.L., and has toured all over the world before finding her own sound and becoming a solo artist.

Filmed with Jazzy Mejia’s boyfriend, the music video portrays how even doing the simplest things is still invaluable because you’re with someone you love.


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