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JEALOUS OF THE BIRDS (Video) For Singe ‘Marrow’. Peak Of Wisdom and Resounding Affection.

JEALOUS OF THE BIRDS (Naomi Hamilton) brings us the video that captures the vibe of single ‘Marrow’, perfectly. In the beloved single lauded by many outlets (including CHF), Naomi’s beautiful and sultry vocals meld perfectly as a story teller to children at school, with attitude of wisdom and resounding methods of affection.

The single is included in the upcoming debut album named ‘Wisdom Teeth’, and it encapsulates what Naomi does and can do to our senses.

In her social she’d stated: “This was one of the most fulfilling songs to write. After graduating uni and becoming determined to follow this path in music, so many different experiences, places and worldrockers helped inform the ways I strive for authenticity and meaning. ‘Marrow’ is a snapshot of my mind in the wake..”

“Feels golden to be able to share some fresh music…”



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