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Jean-Michel Blais Shares New Track – ‘roses’

Sometimes we do a song or feature an artist who is totally outside of what we do traditionally. And this time, it’s about Jean-Michel Blais. Post-classical pianist and composer Jean-Michel Blais has shared ‘roses’- a new song that explores the cathartic effects of music and the understanding of sickness and wellness it provides. 

“’roses’ is a funeral piece dedicated to my friend’s mother who died from cancer. The ostinato, the repeating single note in the intro, represents her beating heart, and the ever-present tumour, sometimes forgotten but still growing.”

It’s a beautiful method in dedicating his love for his mother. A eulogy for her, and the road he’s continuing to forge for himself. The dedication is emotional, and substantial.

The story is sweeping, from beginning of ‘life’ and to the ‘end’. Defiance is distinctly described by the confidently struck keys – a repetitive reminder to the whims of life, that it cannot win the war.

And we’d thought his output is worth listening to, for we all probably could relate in some minute way.


He’s rep’ed by Toronto based, Arts & Crafts.

Jean-Michel’s album is out now and can be reviewed and purchased, [HERE]



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