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‘Like You’: Charming Single And Music Video Of Epic Proportions. JEAN TONIQUE Finds His One And Only.

French DJ, producer, singer JEAN TONIQUE is pleased to announce details of a brand new mini-album ‘Sunny Side Up’. His new visual for ‘Like You’, draws on his favorite indie-pop influences and the track was written and recorded in Los Angeles.

Jean plays all the instruments on the latest album. He does that because most of all, he likes doing that.

With his distinctive laissez-faire attitude that shines through in his music and lyrics, his works amplify through the music videos as well. The sense of humor, irony, affection, and understanding comes through as forthrightly as ever in ‘Like You’.

What makes sense for one, doesn’t make sense for another. And in ‘Like You’, the sentiments for the one true heart, is sought and found, as the protagonist traverses the footprint of his daily dreams.

Once found, he realizes that it has been more than expected and he falls deeper into the web of love.

Jean plays like a champ.

And his music surely is ‘boss’, as always.



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