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Jeff Sky – Still Have Faith

JEFF SKY comes from the land of New Jersey, and the singer/songwriter/producer plays music that is of ‘the now’ and what the future that ‘can be’. ‘Still Have Faith’ is about many things. And it can be applied to many issues, and circumstances. But all in all, it is reduced to the basics of love and loss and maybe the resurgence of self-appreciation for the life that we own. “Questing the values and morals of modern day anxious and stressed out America,” is the strength of Jeff’s notion of our current political strifes. So, Jeff recommends that we look at the smaller things in life and loving, even more. Folk-rock artist, dipping his toes into modern country and bluegrass, ‘Still Have Faith’ relies upon the collective agreement of our humanity. And to survive until that fateful day comes to relieve us all. The personable vocals of Jeff comes to life as the minimal attributions of his notes, split the heavens in revealing truth and honesty. Positivity is what Jeff is all about these days. We all should learn to do the same.

Microcosms – Forget Us

The drop in MICROCOSMS’ single ‘Forget Us’ is where it’s at. The build is barely trackable, as the song dives head first and quickly. The strung together bass guitar and the driving guitar riffs, divinely clear out the cobwebs of your heart and lets you loose into the wild. The Chicago based alt-rock band grooves and shimmies into the uncharted waters of the rockin’ visions that are yet to be conquered. You are not conquered. They haven’t been vanquished. Pulsating and irreverent nuances are amplified to a beautifully decadent noise, in contrast with Andrew Tschiltsch’s confounding-ly calm and placid rock vocals that gives us confidence to bop further. The taste of ‘Forget Us’ is sweet and tart, with a dash of ‘whatever’ to counter act what ails us. It’s just a big wad of goodness, to be sure. The trio of Andrew Tschiltsch, Bryan Emer, and Jered Piepenbrink keeps the future from coming on without knocking on the door. Let’s dance!

Mia Gladstone – Baby Don’t Worry

Cosmic musical alien of unknown origin, MIA GLADSTONE, takes us on a tantric and delectable trip with ‘Baby Don’t Worry’. The picture perfect assurances of the beats from Mia’s word drops, welcomes your un-secure emotional plots. Reminiscent of elements of a 60’s psyche-pop era, rendered dynamic with modern r&b/soul counterbalances, the ultra talented songstress kisses the winds of you and us and the world. With a ‘no one can stop me’ attitude in every vibe of the song, the alt-pop/post-pop jam session of ‘Baby Don’t Worry’ pops the cork off of the indulgent life you lead, and lets the bubbles just breathe and simmer. Hazy and “space-y” (as she puts it) the charm of her impregnable assault on the norm is irrevocably tied to the intransigent and the rebel deep within this ‘Cosmic musical alien of unknown origin’. There’s only one MIA GLADSTONE.

Ruthie – Spirit Now Moves

RUTHIE is RUTHIE. And ever since her coming into prominance, she’s always had something to offer. That big and bold strokes of paint is what she brings to table, whenever her single sings. It’s no different when ‘Spirit Now Moves’ comes to play. And RUTHIE is defined by this beautifully whimsical, caring, and admirable aspect of her songwriting prowess. The gentle swath of cotton, still hangs with razor like visuals of meaning, placed decadently in the corner of a pop-tinged avarice. Stated Ruthie: “So far Ruthie has been a project based in my flat and studios, writing and recording, so it’s been quite an insular process,” says Naomi. “The ‘Spirit Now Moves’ video is an opportunity for me to explore what Ruthie can be visually and aesthetically, in the real world…and to have a one-woman party wearing suits.” She’s a cool cat. Like so many, you should be rotating her singles. Oh, and don’t you love the guitar outro?? Yep. Thought so. You can’t help but be charmed by this smiling talent from Leeds.

Autosuggest – Lose Me

Poetry in motion. Deathly poetry that is. It slices you with the kind of deep meaning and suggestions you’d wanted to avoid. Tinge of industrial roar, the alt-rock visions converge into a vat of ear curdling mystery and convection. AUTOSUGGEST is Alec Mallia and he stated: “The video conceptually was based off a rather terrible time for the director Thom Muir and I when we were shooting the video for one of my first ever singles “Chasing”. Thom ended up staying in a particular inner-west hotel for some time and tripped on acid, for far longer than anybody should. He envisioned many things but the worst was the walls reaching out as if to possess him.” ‘Lose Me’ is off of the upcoming debut album ‘Tame Harm’. Losing all senses and control, is a ‘freeing’ experience just like any other. And at the beginning, it is a new feeling that exhilarates. But soon, it turns, and consumes your being, in whole. How can you escape from this demonic accident? You must.


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