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Jelani Aryeh Shares ‘Jetfuel’. “A story that hits at the core of all of our existence.”

Happy to be doing what is now the reality. Sad to have left, albeit not of my accord. It’s a sad but reminiscently humbling vocal experience when you listen to Jelani Aryeh’s single ‘Jetfuel’. It was something that made who he was. Then it was not, seemingly overnight.

A passion that held great promise, wasn’t going the way he’d planned. Disappointment and a meandering confusion set on the heart of Jelani. But as life does sometimes, it revealed something else that he could pursue with equal or more passion as his prior.

“I think of ‘Where We Go’ as being The Godfather and ‘Jetfuel’ as being The Godfather Part Two, where it’s the sequel/follow up to the original, but also the prequel. I presented a story of what I was feeling at a particular moment in time but not really talking about what lead me to those feelings in the first place. ‘Where We Go’ is the actual release of the pent up feelings that were building up and the confronted in this song ‘Jetfuel’.”

“I played football from first grade up until my junior year of high school and was even slated to play college ball. My father, who is the person being addressed in this song, was also my coach until Freshman Year. It never occurred to me that I’d be destined to pursue something other than football until my junior year after what seemed like injury after injury and countless visits to physical therapy. It was then that music started calling to me differently than it had before and I felt an urge to dabble in that world.”

“I then formed RBTI (Raised By The Internet) in April ’17 and started making music with individuals of a similar background and urge to create. A month after that I finished my first song, ‘Delusions,’ and a couple days later told my dad this is what I’d like to do for the rest of my life. That night we got into it and I wrote ‘Where We Go’ from that place of hurt, misunderstanding, and what I felt like was the end of a bond I’d have forever. ‘Jetfuel’ is definitely written from a place of growth. It’s not only written for my dad but for my friends, teammates, and classmates that I don’t speak to as much anymore, that I’m ok and I’m doing something with myself.”

Jelani Aryeh made waves back in 2017 (while he was still in high school) with the release of his EP, Suburban Destinesia, which has racked up millions of streams on DSPs.



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