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Jelly Bean Shares ‘Astronaut’ (Music Video). “Yes. We all do feel like that sometimes, don’t we?”

JELLY BEAN is glam pop with the sweetness that is perfect. With supple and attuned vocals and coming-of-age guitar symmetry, the framework of ‘Astronaut’ just simply pulls at your heart-strings of your sentimentalism.

That build up chorus is beautiful. Perfection in time changes, theatrical gains, lyrical story telling, and packaged under the silken swept breeze of surf-pop vibes.

Parts of lives can be described as going to that perfect place of darkness and light. The event horizon of vibes shimmer up against our foreheads of knowledge, giving off the right and often times, the wrong, methods to leading that full and bright life.

The quartet delivers with whimsy, and deference to the seriousness of living, existing, and what makes us crumble to our knees.

The lush angles of ‘Astronaut’ is the end of a majestically uplifting Hollywood movie. There is, after all, another chance at life. The life that you have now. The life that means so much to you, but was neglected.

“Astronaut is a hand-made Space Odyssey, a voyage into the imaginary world of a hero who, night after night, explores the universe in thrift store spacesuit and styrofoam helmet.”

Yes. We all do feel like that sometimes, don’t we?

And wish sometimes that, that is truth.

‘Astronaut’ is a space opera by Pierre Ponchant & JELLY BEAN. A follow up music video of the song from the 2018 released self-titled album.

See them next @ Espace Casadesus – Louvroil France, on November 23rd.



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