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JEMS – Like Myself

JEMS’ single ‘Like Myself’ is a dang proud anthemic indie-folk Americana that in Emily Colombier’s words: “‘Like Myself’ is just that. It’s me saying “Here I am. Here is my voice. And DAMN, it feels so good to feel like myself.” JEMS is an alt-folk trio that is completed with Emily’s band members Jessica Rotter, and Sarah Margaret Huff. The song is of an un-bounding of the shackles that kept Emily in a place that wasn’t very good. For a long time, Emily’s personal thoughts and inhibitions oppressed her visions of what she really could be. “‘Like Myself’ was inspired by my own personal story as an empowerment anthem for all who have been silenced, to speak out,” continued Emily. “I was mentally and emotionally abused by my stepmother for close to 20 years, a story eerily close to the Cinderella story yet unfortunately, not a fairy tale.” In secret, she sang to keep her hopes alive, from being ground away in to nothingness. “When the Me Too Movement began, I felt even more compelled to share my story,” stated Emily, “and although it’s painful even writing this now, it needs to be said. Because although what I went through is often isolating, there are so so so many that have also suffered, and who have also been silenced, and in a way, by sharing my story, I am not alone.”

Moonlight Breakfast – Dance Moves

“Lights flashing as you close your eyes, lift up your arms and dance. All that , in slow motion, of course. That’s what I think about whenever I listen to this track, thus the lyrics: It feels so nice!” says vocalist, Cristi. In the best tradition of bands like Moloko, Róisín Murphy, and Morcheeba, the Romanian veterans of electronica and electro dance MOONLIGHT BREAKFAST just knows how to get your blood pumping and dancing. The beats are surrounded by the unescapable funky beats, enlightened by the disco pop days of old. The sounds make you feel ‘chic’ and ‘sexy’ as you imagine yourself on the catwalk, strutting your stuff like no one’s business. That’s right. It’s your business, dang it, and MOONLIGHT BREAKFAST makes it so much fun. ‘Dance Moves’ is off of their latest 3rd album ‘Affection’ and it delivers in its simplicity and effect. They are bold, stately, dreamy, and they hit all cylinders if you let them. Let them in your soul.

Peyton Stilling – Out of My Mind

The confidence of PEYTON STILLING’s vocals and lyrical progression in ‘Out Of My Mind’ is so very evident. And when she sings, you’re filled with the same kind of confidence of traveling those lonesome roads with her – in the expectation of conquering those trepidations that whittle down and chip away of your true self. Peyton stated: “I know I am not alone when it comes to getting in my own way and doubting my abilities,” the singer says. “I want people to blast this song in their cars, sing the lyrics at the top of their lungs, and let go of whatever is holding them back.” Peyton is an ‘old soul’, with an ultra beautiful look into the future. A veritable Universe lives in her delivery of her words, and in this single, the 18 year old from Plano, Texas just is bang on. Powerful voices is one facet of being a singer. Powerful and expressive, Peyton is the right mix of delight and excellence. “Music has been a blessing in my life in ways I can’t even describe,” she said. “It gives me the opportunity to write and perform songs that truly connect with others.” Peyton is about being of help to those in similar shoes. That’s many of us, to be sure. We’re glad she adds to this complex musical Universe.

Analogue Spirit – Rabbit Hole

Driven as the next silence, ANALOGUE SPIRIT’s single ‘Rabbit Hole’ is a relaxing alt-psyche single that is affectionate, dreamy, and perpetually fruitful in its beckoning tacts. The guitars shimmer as the radiating sentiments bound off of the walls of the Universe to reach the melodies of self-induced worth and vitality. Smiling, in slow motion, while in a field of golden wheat, the couples see the potential darkness at the edge of the forest yonder. They stop, and hold hands, with cold sweat forming to glue their fingers in worrisome attitude. They turn, and look at each other, with short breaths, remembering where they’ve come from, and whether they need to go forth into that unknown. As their feet move towards the forest, they reassure each other with glances of hope, dreams, and excitement for the future. It’s no ‘Rabbit Hole’ of danger, “This could be our opportunity, hun.” Matt Davidson is the seed that started this project, and it just felt right. We agree.

CHAILD – Artificial

Walking through life as it just flowed easily like a small stream, it suddenly dawned on him that it had much power than he’d initially thought. ‘Artificial’ is a song that is about the ‘everyday’, but with you playing a different ‘role’. A change of what you are, depending on the situation at hand, is a predictable ask of the social nature of things. Business, professional, personal, and towards family – all have different masks to be worn, until those masks are not needed at your death bed. Not gruesome. That’s how civilization is partly built. In this structured chaos, can an individual escape with less scars? Who knows. CHAILD is formerly known as artist ADRIAN, and the Luxembourg based musician/producer wants us all to be ourselves, as much as we can be. He is worried for our souls, as he sees the world’s stresses, crush our natural born happiness, whittle down to nothing as we mature, and age. Is it worth all of that? It’s relative, we guess.


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