Jeni Schapire ‘Casual’ : It’s a complex world, made even more complex by the mysteries of others.


Jeni’s warm vocals croon over the decadence of you. A beautiful capture of sights and invitation, ‘Casual’ is a gentle demonstration of what’s been lost, found once more. An emotion of ifs turned upside down into ‘relief’ and ‘love’.

Said Jeni: “So much was being asked of me, I couldn’t ask for anything in return. We were in a dive bar and he was drinking mezcal out of a paper cup saying that he couldn’t imagine drinking anything else and I just thought it was so funny. He had no awareness of how ridiculous he sounded. In the age of dating apps, I feel like casual relationships are the status quo. So this song is for me and for everyone my age struggling with terrible, unfulfilling, casual relationships.”

Because there is a question of: “Will this be it? Will this be the future under-appreciation of it all? Will I shrink with the the exiting tides?”

It’s a complex world, made even more complex by the mysteries of others.

The New Jersey native, sings with heart and of redeeming substance for truths.

‘Casual’ is the third single from the upcoming EP ‘What’s In A Name’, due out in 2021.


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