Jennah Barry ‘Rocket’ : Ready to wave goodbye, and say hello to the new morrow.

Jennah Barry / Photo: Nicole Cecile Holland

Masterfully arranged, Jennah Barry’s single ‘Rocket’ is an Americana/indie-folk predicament that surges like a ship to the stars with beautifully inlaid synthwave elements that makes it dance. The gorgeous vocals of Jennah blends effortlessly in this shimmering thought of lyrics, which contend for betterment in life and inner being.

The picture book of emotions, never gets old, as the method of telling this story of stories, dive off of the waves of sentiments, like butterflies in the forest sun. Ready to wave goodbye, and say hello to the new morrow, the significance of such delights glance like eureka in this gorgeous single.

Hailing from the coastal haven of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Jennah Barry’s songwriting prowess is one to follow.

‘Rocket’ is her 4th single from her upcoming LP.


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