Jennifer Owens ‘Here for Me’ : Beautiful piece. Adorned with the excitement of unknown possibilities.

Jennifer Owens

Basildon, Essex (UK) originating pop singer/songwriter Jennifer Owens delivers a powerful ensemble of lyrics and vocal assurances. The beautifully designed single casts a mode of confidence, exuberance, and fate-fulness to the human condition and emotional diaspora.

Love and all of its ilk, is put to calm precipice, as Jennifer’s single ‘Here for Me’ glances with grace. A classic pop fair of wearing your emotional sleeves for all to see, Jennifer’s vocals hits it on the mark, as the story telling pursues truth and the justice that seems due.

The singer with the Adele vibe, has offered the world a beautiful piece i ‘Here for Me’. A song that gives you shivers, as it treks down that road of life and unknown possibilities.

Looking forward to more from this fab artist.


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