Jenny Chapin ‘I Love You Like La La La’ (feat Bobby Crane): Premise of two birds, flying high.

Jenny Chapin

“My boyfriend (Bobby Crane) and I were getting exhausted with trying to create songs that we thought were unique, trendy, or a ‘vibe’,” said Jenny Chapin. “So, we figured we’d make something that put us in a good mood, was catchy to us, and that could really be ‘our’ song. After showing people we trusted, we realized we had made something that resonates with people on a larger scale.”

The slurry underpinnings of a thing we al call love, is a mysterious thing. Sometimes it works in odd and invigorating ways. Jenny and Bobby’s union of profession and aims, deliver with the coaxing of authenticity. A personal viability of pop where, from challenges of the past, linger forth in a new and exciting premise of two birds, flying high.

“It’s been inspiring to hear how each individual connects and interprets it; from newfound love, to romance rekindling, all the way to accepting people for the way they are. We live in an age where people are becoming more open minded and understanding of each other, but there is still a huge gap between the world we live in now, and complete, unconditional Love.”

“We think this song is simple in its message, and we find it impossible to listen without feeling happy and full of what we all crave….love.”



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