Jenny Kern ‘Now We Know’ : Get inside her music.

Jenny Kern / Photo: @chris__oneill⁣

Jenny Kern’s a talented artist with an aim for the best for her music. But like any other person, the world is a harsh place, where things are so very hard for many to overcome. Jenny knows this and lives it, every single day. But one thing she knows that shields her from the world that is there to hack her down, is to dive into her songs and music, in the aims to make sure that it will feed her hunger for ‘better’ will burn eternally.

“Been feeling a little insecure lately about my music especially as I write new material and wait to hear about exciting opportunities,” said Jenny. “As artists we put so much pressure on the product, the results, the release and not enough on the process. But, while it’s part of the deal, sometimes the tension gets too high… “Is this the best I can do? Is someone else more successful? Am I working hard enough?” … It’s the emotional push and pull. Not sure who else feels this way in their respective field, but thought I’d share in case it’s useful to you.”

Courage starts at home. Inside the caged husks we carry. It’s a burden. But sometimes, as sparks of inspirations gets you back on the right tracks, the wash of angst and trepidation, fall off like melting snow once more.

Jenny’s a warrior and we all should strive, just as she is now.

Get inside her music.


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