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JENNY KWON x G ZOOM Share Personal Declaration ‘Explain Myself’.

JENNY KWON and G ZOOM new single ‘Explain Myself’ is fresh, with r&b, hiphop, pop, attitudes submerge your senses deep within the cavities of your soul. The collaboration catches exactly the soul hugging hooks and highlights, ‘your-today’ deserves.

Jenny, hailing from Los Angeles, grew up in a musical family. It all started with her opera singer father and piano professional mother. Jenny received her first lessons into music, and here we are in 2018, enjoying the sultry vocals and musings of the artist. The perfection is in Jenny’s articulation of the background she inherits from G Zoom, spitting out her own retaliation and interpretation, suitable for her narration. The subdued, and managed urge, is in itself expressive and regulates with outright power and infection.

What a ride.

Would you like another? Yes please.


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