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Jeremy Bursich Shares ‘Javelins In Midair Seem Only Natural’.

JEREMY BURSICH’s voice is what makes this single what it is. And ‘what it is’ really is a meloncholic journal of what has been in a life of a protagonist: uncertain, nervous, confused, power-less, and unfairly traded like a baseball card in the game of life.

Then she left.

Without a cause.

Without due process.

“Why does this happen to me; in this way?”

Delaware’s Jeremy Bursich is a fab and underrated arist. His lo-fi approach with ‘undeclared’ vocals, layered subtly over fab lyric demand the kind of accolades he current and will continue to receive.

In 2016, he’s opened up shop with a small lo-fi / folk focused record label, ‘Fairly Modest Records’.

The multi-talented artist has a lot to say, and express through his music and performances. And we hope he continues his journey in putting out some fascinating and compelling music, for decades to come.

Listen. Absorb. Dig it.



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