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Jeremy Tuplin // Gold Baby // Al Moses // Stealing Home // Steelings

Jeremy Tuplin – Bad Lover

Details strewn by the edges of the Universal living room, is taken care of by the wit of JEREMY TUPLIN’s lyrical works. Couple that with Jeremy’s deep and accepting vocals make singles like ‘Bad Lover’ a treat for the senses. In the weird and odd world of this newest music video, you’re sense for what the artist is all about keeps you anchored to your computer. The hazy, drizzly acrimoniously romantic guitar work just beckons you to run away – but you surely don’t. His new upcoming album ‘Pink Mirror’ drops February 2019.

Gold Baby – Maggots

Lifting her skirt so that the bottom edges didn’t hit the blades of wet grass on her lawn, she danced by the rainbow emblazoned by the summer’s sun rays. She frolicked with her new found freedom of self. And now the best of times were on the way. Acquired with hard work, she’d traversed bridges of emotional turmoils to get to this point. The battle hardened soul, had let the negatives flow out, and the new emboldened consciousness was ready for the next fight. For love. GOLD BABY is a London based band that is always sumptuous in lyric and sensibilities. Let’s all frolic to ‘Maggots’.

Al Moses – I Want More

Channeling the inner most nihilism of the soul, ‘I Want More’ takes a front seat approach to what it’s like to be what we are on this Earth. In this scoffing and razor guitar rat-tat-tat-tat of a single ‘I Want More’ the animalistic call for better and stimulating comes through in spades. Al Moses singer Jack Shepherd says: ‘It’s a head-on, hands-up anthem for people like us, the disillusioned youth. We just want more than what’s laid out for us. And this song aims to capture that spirit and determination of how we feel right now.’ The four 19 year old band mates from South Wales valleys take on this subject with delightful freshness. This is their debut single, and it’s fab.

Stealing Home – Self Centered

In this post-punk single offering ‘Self Centered’ gains interest with machine gun drums, layered with optimal grating guitar work. The mosh inducing hooks take the rock ensemble to that corner of the venue, and highlights the wall-flowers in us, with a blow torch of emotional thoroughfare. Their debut EP ‘The View From Here’ is available now.

Steelings – Faded Love

Deliverance from the limits of ourselves, is the key to engaging with the world that surrounds us. There are deeper answers to why we act or demand in this environment where we breathe. With feelings of doubt and unrequited pennance for emotions, STEELINGS’ latest single ‘Faded Love’ delves deep into a soul of reliance, hate, love, and reciprocity in kind. There is no escape, for ships do pass in the night, without a sound – even after many seasons. Maybe it was never meant to be. STEELINGS consist of SITA and Jacob Steele. ‘Faded Love’ is the title track off of their debut EP, available now.


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