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Jeri Silverman // Perfect Blue // New Palace Talkies // Aforest // Johnny Something

Jeri Silverman – Come Undone

JERI SILVERMAN’s single ‘Come Undone’ is a cast of reality upon a shimmering vision of imminent love’s anxieties. Uncertainties of the mind and of the heart is expressed with that tangibility in this song that is rare to witness. Understated glances, sharply replete gainfulness, and the flooding of harsh memories gone past, mix into a cement mixer of a brooding single. It’s a silent scream in a sense, and ‘Come Undone’ is a tale of a soul which knows to keep it together, as the love for the former, collapses as columns of confidence, burn to ashes. A sudden denial of her Green Card in the U.S. (after 10 years of residence), unexpectedly and quickly pushed her to her limits. New experiences, and new lessons mar her future, in the positive and detrimental.

Perfect Blue – Poppyseed

Off of PERFECT BLUE’s self-titled debut EP (available now), ‘Poppyseed’ continues for us where ‘Gotta Light?’ started. The 4th song off the EP, the Chicago 6 piece keeps on delivering that garage/grunge hybrid of sounds, simple yet avoiding-ly complex. From traditional rock and contemporary machines, the band stretches from this corner to that, in the hopes of making something that sticks with their audience. The captivating vocals – of oddity, but of certain beauty – continues to cast a world of hurt, and packages it into something soluble – malleable – and digestible to our musical appetites.

New Palace Talkies – Scars

Tom Stevens is NEW PALACE TALKIES. “I wrote and recorded it in a 24 hour blur and I listened to it over and over for weeks. Somehow I think it dragged me through that very very complex and murky time. You can really hear the weakness in my voice, and I couldn’t have imagined re recording the vocal, it’s perfect.” The honesty in warmth radiates with fervor in ‘Scars’. A song that is to do about everything, but about just one thing. A thing that matters most. To you. With crying hearts, and regret for not being the person we could have been. Murk and clarity, derived from the same birth, wrangles and tumbles to try to find that balance of it all. See NEW PALACE TALKIES next at The Mother’s Ruin, Bristol UK, on September 6th.

Aforest – Speed

Ben Imber and Jack Shuter make up the subtleties and precious vibes of Aforest. A journey upon journey of layers, the inspiring aspects of the creative passions, fasten rightly, to the constitutional fortitude. ‘Speed’ is about the initial pressures of aiming high in life. Project to define a life’s ambitions certainly grind at the soul. Stated the band: [The lyrics] “’I don’t know if I can make the fire glow, I don’t know if I can chase at this speed, only ‘cos’ I want it so much’… We chose to repeat this hook throughout the song as we wanted this to represent that voice of self doubt that we all have in our heads at one time or another. The music progresses on as we all do in day to day life, but then that voice comes back and makes you question yourself.” Self realizing of vulnerability, sure is a great start to making things better, don’t you think?

Johnny Something – Black and White

JOHNNY SOMETHING’s album ‘Black and White’ will drop on Sept 21st. And on that day the Moon and Mars might be in perfect alignment, setting of a course of reflections, deep within the fabric of space and time. It is of sci-fi riches, but a birth of ‘a kind’ will take place, that realizes a different kind of music – thoughts – emotions – juxtapositions. This title track shimmers in dark and the pungent, derivative of the self righteousness of our human kind. The multi-instrumentalist from the Bay Araa of California, summons the parts of ourselves that we just didn’t want to witness – but do. Johnny mixes pop traditional construction and lyrics, with the bedroom pop angst of the depths below. Don’t get bitten.


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