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Jerry David DeCicca – Time The Teacher

‘Time The Teacher’ is the title track of the upcoming new album (drops February 9, 2018) from Jerry David DeCicca. There was a time for full thoughts, full sentences, fullest of emotions, and full consortium of explanations. Oh, how things have overflowed. Oh, how opportunities welled up for those new eyes.

It isn’t hard to see.

It isn’t hard to recognize.

It isn’t hard to admire.

But it is hard to actually experience, first hand.

‘Understanding Land’ was and idyllic pasteur – the place to grow, to try, to be empathetic. The songs within it were hymns of ‘new’ musical direction.

‘Time The Teacher’ is a collection of ‘nano-thoughts’. Thoughts that we have daily. Daily thoughts of ‘likelihood’, ‘mannerisms’, ‘to-do’, ‘promises-to-self’, ‘resolutions’, and ‘discovery’. It is unlike his 2014 album ‘Understanding Land’ (his first solo LP) which posed different dimensions of questions, in a more rhythmic and conventional sense.

The song ‘Time The Teacher’ itself, expands that nano moment, into fuller and meaningful ‘chapters’ – helping listeners to cope with the short story of what, when, how, and why.

There’s no ‘end’, or an ‘end-game’. There’s no ‘truth’, or ‘assistance’.

It’s just the way the subject is laid out, like prunes laid out on a sun-lit table to be dried.

The sullen descriptions, and half-baked promises in the lyrics and intentions of the songs – blare out what human being are and try hard to embrace those challenges.

Or not.

It’s a poignant conundrum, to be sure.

And we dig it.

Anywho, ‘Time the Teacher’ releases February 9, 2018 and through Impossible Ark Records.



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