Jerry Paper ‘Cholla’ : And once seen, you cannot un-see.

Jerry Paper

Groovin’ invigoration is where ‘Cholla’ resides. Said Jerry Paper: “‘Cholla’ is a snapshot in the life of a mouthwash-drinking desert dweller, someone who viscerally believes in and lives the harshness of the world. Warped by American individuality and isolation, brutality is the only constant of their philosophy.”

Duped and used, the collective sensibilities of a leader’s justice and truth, swings wildly to only benefit one segment. A segment that re-hydrates the vision for a more direct and never P.C. involvement with the world, this act – a series of acts – inevitably deliver the shrinking of a movement.

The upcoming May 15th album, ‘Abracadabra’, is about the significance and limitations of language, written and recorded at a time when Jerry Paper, was rediscovering the power of words, stories and symbols. With words crowding his brain and MIDI arrangements sketched out, Nathan ‘magicked’ the new Jerry Paper album into existence.

Over thirteen songs, he serves up a blend of jazzy instrumentation with soft-rock stylings and some seriously catchy earworms, forging a style that hints at the avant-pop of Scott Walker, the sweet enchantment of Paul McCartney, and the cryptic, smooth grooves of Steely Dan.

Lucas W. Nathan is man behind the project Jerry Paper.

And once seen, you cannot un-see.


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