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Jersey City’s Own, Tiphanie Doucet. Song Bird Who’s More Determined Than Ever.

Tiphanie Doucet © comeherefloyd 2018


On June 8th, TIPHANIE DOUCET, released her newest single ‘Under My Sun’. An acoustic driven, melodic vocal ensemble, both beautifully calm and majestic. The delicate vocal idiosyncrasies are delivered by Doucet, with empathy, and a deep reach back, into memories of bound reservation and of unfettered love. The very traditional method of presentation successfully delivers the packets of snow flakes, as sweet as they look, into our expecting palms.

It’s a testament to her young life, with all of the ups and downs – coming to a focused point. It’s the realizing and acceptance of herself, and of the individual situations that certainly influenced her until now.

Tiphanie Doucet © comeherefloyd 2018


As someone eloquently put it: ‘Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get’.

Well, certainly a part of life is impacted by such coincidences. However, many things in life are driven by the inner ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ of the individual. The passion and excitement for something new, something bold, something ‘MORE’.

Doucet is a multi-talented entertainer, who has been a professional dancer, and an actress. She’d started her career, very young and had made up her mind about being some kind of an entertainer. Her mother was certain of that when Doucet asked to play the ‘harp’ when she was 7 years old.

“At 7, I told my mom that I wanted to play the harp…and [you can see] I’d already decided I’d be a musician or entertainer at that age.”

She’d started to dance, and at a very young age, she had become very accomplished as a professional dancer. That skill helped her parlay her career into the acting profession. Later on, she’d been cast in ‘CHANTE!’, a French TV musical series. The show lasted successfully for 4 season.

“I’d been cast in ‘Chante!’ (2008-2011) which was a predecessor to ‘GLEE’ (American TV musical that lasted from 2010-2015), in France, and I was cast in a character role (‘Océane’) who was ‘a very bad singer but a good dancer’. She was the ‘best friend’ of the lead character in the show.”

In ‘Chante!’, Doucet was the friend of the character ‘Tina’ (played by French child star, Priscilla Betti). Other main cast members included: Alexia Degrémont (‘Manon’), Gari Kikoïne (‘Tom’), Benjamin Baclet (‘Acné’), and Laurent Marion playing ‘Stan’, and so on.


By the time her acting career in France came to a close, she’d fallen in love with a guitarist. And a passionate relationship ensued. In the midst of it all, and seemingly over-night, they’d decided to venture to the United States.

The change in her life was dramatic, to be sure.

“I’d met a guitar player, and fell in love. He was fond of country music, and he wanted to travel. Then one day we said, ‘Let’s go!’. We decided to travel to the U.S, and visit Nashville and L.A.”

“Attended a school named ‘Musician’s Institute – College of Contemporary Music’ (used to be called GIT – Guitar Institute of Technology). Studied vocals and guitar.”

She continued her studies in acting as well, through a Merit scholarship she’d received at the end of her musical studies. She’d been accepted at American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) where she’d decided to do ‘one year in NY, and one year in L.A.’ (at the time, AMDA had 2 coastal campuses). From there, to take full advantage of her study career, she started auditioning in NYC. One of her first shows in the area was a role in ‘Annie Get Your Gun’. The only caveat was that the show was playing in Wisconsin.

And this is the time, when you are in the middle of ‘nowhere’, there needs to be a continued activity and stimulation, from an artist’s point of view. This is where Tiphanie started to pick up the guitar again.

However, in addition to the guitar, she’d started to write songs as well.

“I borrowed a guitar, then, and I just started writing songs. And I also started playing cover [songs].”

Quickly the momentum steamrolled and accumulated, from that fateful assignment in the plains of Wisconsin.

Andrew Kelly ©


Doucet is a hands-on kind of gal. She has to experience the thing that most people wouldn’t want to do, even if their life depended on it. There is trepidation, but is wrapped in a positivity that is necessary for such ventures. From acting, to singing, to dancing, to moving to a new country – she had experience things most of us would just dream of.

In 2015, her first EP ‘Between Us’ was released. The 6 songs were a collection of stories collected through her travels and adventures in the past. She is unapologetic and most importantly, she’d started her singing career right.

“I was back in New York, auditioning, and job on the side…and I said to myself, ‘why don’t I try playing locally, doing open mics.”

“But through this little process of learning how to do live sessions, I met lots of musicians here. At the same time I was practicing on my roof, getting used to standing up and playing.”

But just like the ‘hands-on’ person she is, she simply decided to go and busk, in the subways.

Her thought was that a least she could make some pocket change at the same time.

“I was terrified. But from that got regular gigs” and helped a lot with my skills in playing live, in front of people.

“When I am playing my original songs, in the streets… people really respond to playing original songs. And I really like that they like the effort… they seem more supportive….I don’t know, but probably is different for [other buskers].”

“You know what, I don’t get tired playing 2-3 hours my 10 songs, over and over…I’m never bored.”


“I worked hard. I wanted it so bad. Even when I was in my dancing career mode, I wanted it. It’s true that I try to work hard.”

Skills don’t just fall away over-night. Training in a particular discipline gets ingrained in a person’s DNA for the rest of their life. And for Doucet, it isn’t any different.

“I think mostly, the dancing part of my life was very important. We practice hours and hours. It doesn’t directly help me in this current setting from a performance point of view, but the hours of practice [the mindset] is still there, assisting me.”

“Artists have a thing where, just naturally, want some kind of recognition for their work (whether paintings, or music, for example)..and I think, playing in the street, both the financial aspect and the love the audience gives, are precious and very special.”


August 3rd, TIPHANIE DOUCET is due to drop her full album ‘Under My Sun’. The album was produced by singer/songwriter Simone Felice (Lumineers, Bat for Lashes, Jade Bird) and David Baron. Recorded in the Catskill Mountains, ‘Under My Sun’ reveres in ‘bittersweet meditations on love and relationships”. The songs are largely an autobiographical exercise of Doucet, meandering and serving up delicacies via indie, folk, and pop styles.

“It’s a lot about heartbreaks. I needed to do this album for many personal reasons, and I’m very happy I did it. The album is is very relaxing. [The title song] ‘Under My Sun’ translates and music can just ‘run’ [‘flow’] – what I ‘want’ to feel. Music can be a [method] of just [washing over you] and you lie down and your thoughts just play…”

“I tried to make the album simple, with lots of instruments that I like. The album is very intimate.”

“Tiph, you have the gift to make people feel life, through your words and music.” – Freddie (fan).

We’d gotten to know Tiphanie and her sincerity to her work, is obvious to witness. Her dedication to her craft is unconditional. She’s humble, energetic, honest, and she wants to share her music to greater and greater audiences. And in her humble way, she still is seeking Of herself, and About herself – and we think that contributes profoundly to music making.

She wants to be ‘happy’. Happy with her work, happy with her songs making people happy, and happy with making music an even larger part of her life from a career point of view.

She’s come a long way. But she’s a tough gal – resilient and proud of her accomplishment and the way she’s come through the personal pains in her past.

Her heart pushes her to do so. And in our eyes, that passion is something that we can’t help but DIG about her.

Kudos, Tiphanie. Kudos.


JULY 2 @ Rockwood Music Hall (NYC, Stage 3) (8pm)
JULY 9 @ Jersey City, City Hall singing of the French Anthem
JULY 14 @ Jersey City Bastille Day Celebration Presented by the FRENCH ACADEMY
JULY 14 Benefit Concert @ Symphony Space benefit event for (
AUG 18 @ White Eagle Hall Fundraiser for JCTC
SEPT Album Release show in Jersey City or Hoboken

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