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Jesper Hasnaoui Envelopes You With Damning Beauty In Heart. New Single ‘Warm Night In Oslo’.

Mario de la Ossa

Oslo Norway based Jesper Hasnaoui does it even better this time with his latest single ‘Warm Night In Oslo’. The song is a majestic breeze filled vocals with profoundly effervescent charm and melancholy. A drizzling march of folk based heartbeats, wrangle over the potential depth for what can be described as ‘true love’.

We’d described Jesper’s music prior as: “a therapeutic assistance in his life, and he wants it to be the same for all of us. Measured, spontaneous, longing, ecstatic – driven guitars and smooth vocals and lyrics, mellow out the edges as it seeps effortlessly into our psyche.”

Creatively upending in its simplistic presentation, Jesper’s visions in his melodic songs, are privately complex and alluring, as it can be. The ripe astuteness of feelings, decorate the wall of emotions, quietly laying down the rules of the game, with utmost respect for time and the space it occupies. The shimmer of ‘Warm Night In Oslo’ emphatically draws you to that safe place of solace and recommended confidence.

The single is his best work yet, and it’s grand.

Look for more from the talented singer/songwriter.


Photo: Sondre Mydland


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