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Jess Chalker Shares ‘Dance in the Rain’. “Breath of warmth and confidence.”

‘Dance In The Rain’ as JESS CHALKER puts it: “is an energetic, ’80s inspired indie-rock / dance track”. To us, it’s more than that, however. As you glean through the paraphernalia of the sweeping chapter within the song, you understand that there’s more to this than what it seems.

Jess Chalker Cantlon is the dynamic electro-pop alternative artist behind her project, JESS CHALKER. And in this realm of leaps and bounds, the idilic buoyancy embellishes the night sky, as she paints a future for seeking what we love.

The energy to do so.

The gumption, to not be afraid.

The self awareness to predict that ‘you deserve this change’.

Branches of artist influences come about with Jess. Annie Lennox, Jessie Ware, and Kate Bush are some that come to mind. But with the JESS CHALKER style and grace, ‘Dance In The Rain’ is ultimately more than a danceable account. It is a solace to the whims of life, and a breath of warmth and confidence that we all should recognize and enjoy.

Life will be more, we think Jess would agree.

The Sydney originating, now Londoner, keeps the momentum going.



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