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Jess Clinton – The Runaway

JESS CLINTON is a polished stone, deft in her craft, where significant lyrical fortitude, reflects and parries through our current lives. Off of her upcoming new album ‘Real Glass Heart’ (July 26th), the fabulous folk artist, gives a nod to the pandemic rise of some of the destitute offerings of the world we reside. Cantankerous at points, with ultimate rebelliousness in tow, the daughter of creatives, she deals in realities but never subjugates the essence of her works to improprieties. The purity of the strums, work like lather, as the bubbles of life, slips through the gates of recognition in ‘The Runaway’. The work towards a ‘positive’ is started with the exploration of ‘self’. And Jess has and always will be seeking that ‘truth’ that makes her footprint, the way she deems healthy, profound, and progressive. There’s no reason for a ‘white flag’. The American that is Jess, is always about the betterment. And like being pulled by the Huskies in the woods of Alaska, Jess’s pull is undeniable and refreshing. What an excitement of folk, ain’t it? Look for even more from the Brooklyn based artist, with the mostest.

Hullo – Ripple

HULLO is a project initiated and sustained by the talents of 19 year old Newfoundland Canadian, Nicholas Bendzsa. In ‘Ripple’, the synth accented lo-fi dream-pop alchemy strides with emphasis and confidence. Nicholas stated, HULLO: “is an expression of honest emotion, sarcasm and anxiety, creating an individual blend of introspective, dreamy pop music.” Ain’t that the truth. Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what kind of curve balls Nicholas will throw at you. As ‘Ripple’ guides you towards a rabbit hole of emotions, it settles on top of a roof, looking at the stars, gazing at what is and was. And as the cars pass on the streets, not knowing that you are on top of the roof, life forms and fades, indefinably separate and independent. Or do they? HULLO, we feel, wants to go find out. We look forward to such questions posed, as HULLO plays ever larger stages. The fun has just begun.

Leisure Club – Shoreline

Vancouver Canada based band LEISURE CLUB is a cool breeze of goodness, as you sip on the crux of life. The beach is wide, the waves are tasty, and as you soak in the glow of your life, you retrospectively analyze how you’ve come to this juncture. Timing is of the essence, but being prepared for the biggest opportunities in life, takes discipline. As the band puts it, ‘Shoreline’ was: “born in the depths of hedonism. The song represents a melancholic yearning for more meaningful connections in a fast, substance fueled environment. Waiting on the shoreline is waiting to dive into an ocean of opportunity and self realization.” From our past glories we lie and wait, as we wait for the Universe to reward our good works. But it just doesn’t work that way. Love, work, passions, craft, all work on the notion of progressively innovating further each iteration. We mustn’t curtail our innate drive to be better. If so, maybe we will miss that opportunity to dive into that glorious ocean of fortunes, that in our minds are due our diligence. Let’s test it out, shall we? LEISURE CLUB consists of Jamie Smail, Sean Bayntun, Rob Cameron, Graham Madden, and Daniel Ruiz. They want to take that deep dive into life, with you.

Shark Gorilla – Angela

Angela Hernandez makes up her project SHARK GORILLA. The beautifully singing artist, sings with honesty in ‘Angela’. The song “is about growing in and out of yourself as a person,” said Angela. “And figuring out what it was that’s held you back in the past.” The song is a small glitch of emotions that are wrapped in a ball, deep within a person’s heart. There is an unavoidable warning to the frustrations felt in a lonesome exercise of self-reflection and subjugation to relieving the truth. At times, it’s gut wrenching and diabolically unfair. But as a soul who’s trying to reach the next apex of just ‘existing’, we go about trying to open that casket of secrets, not really knowing whether there’s a benefit or not. Curiosity drives us, and the consequences, be damned. In ‘Angela’, however, it is in fact the ‘opening’ of that secret vault – the action taken of driving yourself to accept what’s behind that granite wall that starts the healing process. What you find behind that wall, is less of a consequence. The first steps, already makes you a warrior. We think SHARK GORILLA is fab project, in both aesthetics and lyrical attributions. Angela poignantly keeps the delicacy of the subject with affection and empathy. And that we dig, lots.

lun – Eos

lun is a project of Sasha Bogomolova and Artemii Nikitin. And ‘Eos’ is such a good single. The new track incorporates modern pop elements, but has the inherent decadence of encapsulating the ‘urgency’ and ‘loss’ of a love that could have been. As the pace of the single accumulates in heft, the lyrics combined with the vocals, beckon towards a malign and seductive comfort of having been emotionally destitute. The chorus of this single harkens to a nostalgia that is both delectable as your first kiss. The whole of the song glistens with pure vibes, and notifies your senses with apropos meanings and viable latitudes in energies. The song is a positive emblem towards what we go through. As the scars heal, we forge ahead, with new reclaimed vigor for life and the mysteries that await. The lessons of life are embedded in ‘Eos’, as the Universe speaks in relative terms, and that we must keep on. We dictate our future. And that it’s okay to long for the past, but Sasha and Artemii recommends that we never stay there for long.


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