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Jess Kallen Shares Single ‘Monster’. The ‘Sour’ Is Always Hard To ‘Take’.

Fear recognized. That’s what she wrote about, after the election of the then, President Elect, Donald Trump. As Americans, we know that there is no guarantee that each and every elected official can satiate our inner most personal ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ pertaining to the lifestyle we desire. However, the 2016 national election brought much vitriolic sentiments, in reaction and in opportunity – depending on the person.

In JESS KALLEN’s case, she wrote about it.

She had to realize she had to gulp down the ‘hard pill’ of the one person she was rooting against. The one that many millions voted against. The one that to many, wasn’t fit to be the most powerful political man, in the world.

In a format that is very much a story telling process, folk music helps tell the angst and helps the listener understand her plight. That’s what the format does. It helps complex personal feelings, absorbable and digestible – well, as much as it can.

The ‘sour’ is always hard to ‘take’.

Kallen is very good in this song. Her pattern changes (especially in the chorus) is fabulously delicious to listen to. We want to find out the next progression, and can’t really wait. The single is a construction that encompasses fantastic pop elements, but subtle and folksy enough. And put her vocal idiosyncrasies on that layer, and you’ve got a great formula.

Venting in such a frame, as in this single, is something we can listen to again, and again.

Kallen has just finished her undergraduate studies at University of Southern California. And we’re hoping she’ll keep writing, and performing in the years to come. She’s a charming songwriter and performer, and we’re looking forward to more.




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