Jess Perkins ‘Chisel Away’ : Let’s get down with the attitude. Magically vibrant.

Jess Perkins

What fun. What invigorating Americana / Rock goodness. That’s what you can say about Jess Perkins’ single ‘Chisel Away’. A profoundly nostalgic and deliciously produced song that gives its all to express what Jess can be and will be in your listening life.

The Canadian singer-songwriter based in Victoria, BC will drop her debut album ‘Living Room’ and it’s going to be a doozy. With apropos vibes in traditions that artists like Sheryl Crowe and Shania Twain, Jess makes magically vibrant thoughts persists with ease and gumption through ‘Chisel Away’.

Jess has been writing and performing music for most of her life and has settled into her own distinct sound as a solo artist. Her sound has been compared to Alanis Morissette and Sheryl Crowe who are also long time musical influences.

Let’s get down with the attitude that is ‘Chisel Away’.

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