Jesse Blake Rundle ‘Radishes and Flowers’ : With wider eyes and maybe a bit wider hearts.

Jesse Blake Rundle

“A story of longing arranged into a bed of radishes and flowers.” This is the title track from Jesse Blake Rundle’s upcoming collection of songs adapted from the poetry of Wallace Stevens (“Cy Est Pourtraicte, Madame Ste Ursule, et Les Unze Mille Vierges”).

As complex a poem it is, the equally (arguably more) complex nature of niches of society, flashes light on a whole of hour community’s mores and limitations. And often than not, the hymns of virtue and the nature of hypocrisy, come to terms in the poem. And in that sense, Jesse’s composition tickles at the side of that exact notion, but doesn’t forget to add that irrevocably colorful tinge of satire and/or tongue-in-cheek.

No mocking. But just straight through ‘smirk’ at the cause of such pains in our day-to-day. Unfairness and injustice, blooms from such societal ills. Ills that are, oh so human.

Jesse knows this, as Wallace Stevens knew. Now we can enjoy both forms, with wider eyes and maybe a bit wider hearts.


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