Jesse Daniel Shares ‘Comin’ Down Again’. Dance With The Indie Darlin’ You Love.

Remembering our first experience with square dancing is what we thought of listening to Jesse Daniel’s ‘Comin’ Down Again’. It was during college, and it was the first time in a bar with a whole large floor for country dancing. It was Thursday night, and the town’s folks were all ready to dance and have a great time. Our group of friends were all nervous, but just like most guys, we were there to see whether the rumors were true of the place. We’d heard that the gals were beautiful and could dance like the Dickens at this western style bar.

At first, everyone stayed at their tables and mingled. Loved the atmosphere of the place. It was buzzing, anticipating the night of dancing. We were very excited to be there, with our regular ‘night out’ shoes. Then the band was ready to play for the crowd. The participating partners quickly set themselves on the floor.

The music played and in a western way, was very glamorous. It was something out of the ‘Grand Ole Opry’ kind of shindig.

Ultimately, the rumors were true. The gals were pretty, with many blondes, dotted with brunettes – all with guys vying for their attention.

We were included in that skirmish. But then in a weird and sudden way, she came to our table. She was a pretty brunette, with cowboy boots and a colorful dancing dress outfit. She and her friends came up to US and made conversation. Go figure!

It made our night. And she made my night, for we talked, danced, laughed, and had a great ol’ time.

We were together for the rest of college.

Songs like Daniel’s ‘Comin’ Down Again’ brings out the sentimental memories. And that’s why we love the single so. It’s not like the classics of the same genre, but it’s unique blend of Jesse’s vocals, slide guitar and saloon piano, makes it worth while for any ‘city boy’ to appreciate. The cross-over effect is in large part due to technical design, but there must be a ‘it factor’ and seems Daniel and the gang has it covered.

His momentum continues. And we think you should love this song and try out this band.

Kudos, Jesse. Kudos.

Now, where are those cowboy boots at?


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