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Jesse Denaro // Kazy Lambist // Sara Phillips // DUX // Ashley Jana And The Midnight High

Jesse Denaro – Garden

Going through personal challenges with a significant other is always hard. Never gets easier as time passes. And in ‘Garden’, Jesse depicts his own troubles which gained a new respect from him, for the absolute mental destructiveness he’d felt and witnessed. Questioning the intentions and dedication from the other, comes to the fore, and manifests into a visceral and world crumbling vice – a poison for the mind and heart. And that’s what ‘Garden’ is about – a relationship he’d thought was forever; however finding out its fragility and fleeting non-sense. JESSE DENARO stated about ‘Garden’: “It sounds sad, but it’s almost freeing. No one’s waiting hand and foot for your music, so you can take your time and make sure that the product is good. I’ve just taken a lot of time in the past few years writing these songs, crafting them to make sure that what I put out is something I still want to play in twenty years.”

Kazy Lambist – Work (ft. Pongo)

French electro pop magnificence, KAZY LAMBIST, takes us on a subtle and bouncy multilingual single named ‘Work’. It’s a distilled journey through another world. Collaged with current life’s concerns, layered on top of a planet of vocal dance of PONGO, and instrumental excellence by JOWEE OMICIL. The meditative and medicinal sync of the single is grand in its presentation, and continental in its absolute distinction.

Sara Phillips – Six Feet Under

Montreal native, now artist of Los Angeles, SARA PHILLIPS is intrinsically deep with her emotive descriptions within each note of her story telling. An artist who realized her potential through social media and YouTube, Sara later released singles to move forward. In June 2018, she dropped her 2nd EP ‘Sea Change’. As her fan base grows, her honesty and earnest depictions within her songs make it a delicious sonic event to experience. A slight surprise that we had gotten to like Sara’s vibe, but here we are. Go Sara. Go.

DUX – Golden

Jonah is DUX. And he loves it when we dance to his songs. So we did. Not because he asked us to, but it was just a natural thing to do. With head boppin’ joy coming from the pop/disco vocals, to the dripping funk from bass and guitar, takes you to the dance floor of your dreams and doesn’t let go. She own’t let go. You will dance until you both are satisfied. ‘Golden’ typifies that certainty. Let’s all bop together.

Ashley Jana And The Midnight High – Coulda Been Somethin’

ASHLEY JANA AND THE MIDNIGHT HIGH comes at us with a beautifully ballad of a love’s tragedy with ‘Could Been Somethin’. The songstress led band, dives deep into a woman’s heart, of pain and sorrow, for an opportunity lost, by the chances that be. The winds of a future that seemed to be destiny; but a future, never materializing. Hurt and tackled to her knees, she wept inside, with only regret and undeserving guilt. But she rises to defend what’s her’s and her’s alone, with renewed vigor and purpose. The pain, only guiding her to another flight of possibilities. The band’s debut single is part of a series of songs written by Ashley Jana and Kurt Borst.


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