Jesse Gillis ‘Thanks for the invite’ : Happiness. Joy. Irony. Happiness…once again.

Jesse Gillis

Jesse Gillis is a fantastically whimsical and serious musician. From story to telling of it in a dynamic vibe, is what the producer does so well. And in ‘Thanks for the Invite’, the “Nepoleon Dynamite” -esque vision, comes through with beautiful technical acumen and just giddy fun. It stick as it demonstrates such calibrated and expansive talent that this gentleman from South Africa can bring.

And when he does. We all jump and have so much fun. The music is delectable, touching upon many of the current pop themes, while tackling ol’ school hiphop and pop charms that gets your taste buds goin’.

Jesse Gillis, the artist, is a treat. His music is the happiness, on top.

Let’s dance, like you don’t care.


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