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JESSE HITE Shares Funky ‘When It All Comes Down’. “Get down with your seductive self.”

JESSE HITE is an American artist living and working in France as musician/producer and singer/songwriter. This time around he brings the funky pop single ‘When It All Comes Down’. Within his studio he constructs his pieces with care and iron will, as the musical notes flow through his ambience of thoughts and recollections.

‘When It All Comes Down’ is off of the upcoming new 3 song EP, which is to be released soon. And the single indicates the bright and full disposition of what’s to be revealed in the EP. With dance-y tendencies and encouragement in having fun, the soulful lyrics and vocal delivery, compounds (to enjoyable effect) a profound urge for ripe sensibilities and expectations.

It’s a keeper of another order.

So, dance you fool. Dance and bob your head like you’d never bobbed before.

You can’t resist.



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