Jesse Roper ‘Brightside’ : Humanity? Yea. Maybe we’ll get through it, after all.

Jesse Roper

Jesse Roper is a force to be. For our hearts, his thoroughfare of blues, kicks you in the jewels of living and what’s better to come.

It’s an extravaganza. It’s a party.

It’s that one time on this earth – reminding us all that we can do good.

Said Jesse: “It took me the better part of a year to get the lyrics feeling good. There’s a fine line between cheesy and meaningful. I’m sure there’ll still be some folks out there who find it cheesy but that’s ok. Sometimes you have to let the message send itself. I feel lucky to live the life I live.”

Loving and raw. Powerful and classic. Jesse’s message is that embrace you’d needed today.

Humanity? Yea. Maybe we’ll get through it, after all.


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