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Jessi Mason – I Really Don’t Know

Jessi Mason’s I Really Don’t Know is a comfy blanket, in the middle of the night. It feels good, feels warm, feels familiar, and gives one a small inkling that the next day will be better.

There are pop country/indi-rock/blues artists that we always will love, and this song by Jessi is in that range and comes off well. Meaning it sticks to you like a reminder sticky note: “Come over, lets talk and have a cup of tea – love Jessi” kind of feel.

“The day was long, hard day to comprehend. I sat at the drive way, thinking in a fog. It was a very much a fruit-less exercise, for I had nothing to put in my mind’s script. I was wrong. I was dumb. I was lost. Why did she have to do this to me? Why did she have to mess me up? Dawn was a fighter, she loved me, altruism was her cornerstone. And I was one of her biggest cases. I was fine until we met. I was in ignorant bliss, enjoying all, enjoying selfishly. She changed me. Opened my eyes. I resented her for that.

I sat at the drive way, thinking in a fog. She made me love her. I love her. She made me this way.”

Kudos, Jessi. Keep on keepin’ on!

She’s a busy bee. She’s working hard to stay sharp at her shows. We dig that.



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