Jessica Genius ‘You Don’t Belong Here’ : Drums beat, in consideration. Whims grip, in anticipation.

Jessica Genius / Photo: Evyn Morgan

It ends as soon as it began. The ride down a rabbit hole; a stride into madness of lust and invocations. Jessica Genius’ single ‘you Don’t Belong Here’ casts with utter heft and insinuations – deliberately galactic, while suggestively immersed in all of those fears and longing, we dreaded.

Titanic in is arch for salvation, the views from the tower-up-high, enrages in artistic fervor and gritting manifestations for health in emotions, never to be realized. A psalm full of indignations, rich in tapestry and language, maybe too layered for a first and initial pass.

It’s that stretch of a long desert road to nowhere, which in its solace, grins in joy and ambiguity.

Drums beat, in consideration. Whims grip, in anticipation.


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