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JESSIE MUNRO Shares ‘If Your Eyes Could Talk’ Off Of New EP ‘On My Own’.

JESSIE MUNRO isn’t a stranger to us. We’d featured her single ‘Under Fire’ in July, and we’d stated: “[Jessie] is a stun-gun. You know. It shocks then it ‘rocks’ you – just like Queen says at a basketball game. The Toronto native is in the US, and we think she’ll be doing some ‘damage’ and putting her stamp in the industry.”

And she doesn’t disappoint with her latest single ‘If Your Eyes Could Talk’.

The R&B laden single has put another notch in our heart with the rhythms and harmonies expected of Jessie. The silky classic vocals drip, drip in maskings of the life that is inside of ALL of us.

She asks the right questions and answers, in PART.

And when she answers, we listen. Especially with a single like this, which takes us into that border between indie-dream-rock and contemporary R&B.

Just listen.

It’s delicious.

Jessie is an early twenty-something from Toronto (L.A. based) and has the beautiful aesthetics that can bring her worldwide acclaim. We think she already has the chops to do so. Especially when there are singles that just majestically slice you open with the love that is missing in our lives.

Her EP ‘On My Own’ is available now.

Upward trajectory?

We think so.



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