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Jessie Munro Shares Single ‘Under Fire’. Tangy And Nice, And Everything In Between.

Underneath that plain old tree, lies the start of the grand old scheme. The scheme of which you dare not chat, about the time that she did that. To you it is proper to have, installed in monochromatic taunts. Perfect for the football future, kicked in the face in desperate measures.

Delight in the light of silver, fortified by wheat and barley to savor. Tangy and nice, and everything in between. Isn’t that the way that rhyme deems to be? Reckon I shall, she said with a growl. I myself will reck, that grand old piano.

Klunk. Klunk. Klunk.

The keys are broken by the daze.

Munro. Munro. Munro.

She’s brought the electricity back! Heck yea!

She saved us!

JESSIE MUNRO is a stun-gun. You know. It shocks then it ‘rocks’ you – just like Queen says at a basketball game. The Toronto native is in the US, and we think she’ll be doing some ‘damage’ and putting her stamp in the industry.

‘Under fire’ is good stuff.

EP coming soon.



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