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Jessy Hay // Tin Can Telescope // Delta Mainline // J. Fisher // Louien

Jessy Hay – Spring Song

Why would you leave someone when they have the love and affection that JESSY HAY displays in ‘Spring Song’? You wouldn’t. And as a personal goal, the gorgeous voiced artist offers the 6th single of his ‘one song a month’ project he’d set for himself. ‘Spring Song’ is that standards framed grace, delightfully bolstered with jazzy blossoms from note to every note. It’s that sunshine you wanted today. It’s the sunshine you needed through that close window sill from the day before. Jessy’s years of experience, writing for other artists has culminated to this very end. An end of experimentation, decisiveness for words, and an overall sultry effervescence that is wholly consuming. ‘Spring Song’ is a pop inducement for our hearts and minds. Relax. No one will leave in haste. It is certainly a love song with wonder, deeply baked with that ‘love and affection’. What a delight.

Tin Can Telescope – All You Gotta Do

‘All You Gotta Do’ is the work of Sejer (vocals + bass), Emil (vocals + guitar), Peter (guitar) and Lasse (drums). TIN CAN TELESCOPE is a Denmark based garage band that displays the kind of fun that we all should look for in a band as such. ‘All You Gotta Do’ is a song that is about angst. No doubt. The old style vibe is from the old style rock n’ roll era of old, but with the reconstituted vigor of modern pop-rock, the band makes this a delight to be a witness. The song is a coming of age rock single that is pertinent to anyone listening, and scratching their head whether they’d done enough, so far in their lives. Probably have, but just to make sure, listen more to TIN CAN TELESCOPE. It’s a proper addition to your day’s merry. We concur.

Delta Mainline – Folk Stories & Fairytales

As expansive and indelibly thought provoking as Pink Floyd, DELTA MAINLINE’s single ‘Folk Stories & Fairytales’ is the triumphant return for the band following their 2013 album ‘Oh! Enlightened’. The Edinburgh, Scotland based band is spellbinding in this latest of offering, which tells us of what we can look forward to in their new sophomore album ‘Bel Avenir’, due May 3rd. Songwriter and vocalist David McLachlan explained: “The second album was four years in the making. ‘Folk Stories & Fairytales’ was the first song that we worked on after the initial dark period. It explores the tensions in relationships that push you to the edge of your emotional limits. The central theme is about accepting people for who they are and understanding your own emotions for the better.” Welcome back. Let’s hit it hard and fast, shall we?

J. Fisher – paranoid

You ought not. You cannot. But you do. J. FISHER is a rapper. But has this indelible indie-rock aesthetic and shimmer that we just can’t ignore. “I would like to tell a long beautiful story using few words, with many new characters and many more adventures,” said J. Fisher. And legend has it that he lives that proclamation, everyday, all day. The Michigan based artist is a fab producer, as he delves into his work, while collaborating the right amount of ecstasy from each single that comes his way. ‘Paranoid’ brings the slight of hand that is right up anyone’s alley, as it discovers as it retaliates, to new tones and textures – without really trying. And that contrast comes to the fore, with flying colors and delight. The shine is magnificent. The rotation should have another in J. Fisher, right now.

Louien – Be Forgiven

LOUIEN in her own words for her beautiful single ‘Be Forgiven’: “It’s about this beautiful moment that never got to grow into something more, and we never got to realise this new turn in our relationship. It’s a song about reconciling with a loved one you’ve been estranged from for a long time. The situation has gotten so complicated that you’ve lost sight of what is really wrong. But then that moment arises when you both realise how much you’ve missed each other, and how much you both have grieved because of it. You let go of the bad things in the past to give way for the love you have for each other.” Destiny, you might call it. But when, even though all the tough times, it’s Universally worth, trying again to emboldening the love capital that exists. If the answer is yes, go for it. The consequences don’t really matter. That is a bridge you will deal with when it comes your way. Don’t let this go; don’t let it be too complicated. Love. LOUIEN added, “Grief allows for beautiful things as well – love and hope.” Indeed.


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