Jet Black Alley Cat ‘Rewind’ : Call for understanding and story telling, to the minimalistic maximum.

Jet Black Alley Cat / Photo: Raelena Kniff

Jet Black Alley Cat’s more familiar Indie Pop sound in ‘REWIND’ is that gap filled between something out of this current age, amalgamated by sweet nothings, and liberally synthwaved to form and delight. An elemental argument for what is of nostalgia, the band’s charming resort of sandy beaches and warm glances, successfully reform in song and vibe.

In what the band calls their darkest time of life, the third single from Jet Black Alley Cat titled “Rewind” is a song of personal honesty & admiration of better times in the past. Vulnerability reigns in this track as it forces us each to face nostalgia vs reality head-on.

In 2014, the five-piece met in Nashville and never looked back. After meeting producer Roger Alan Nichols – who is credited for working with the likes of Steven Tyler & Paramore – the band began their journey of fusing a love for rock n roll and the glamorized pop elements of acclaimed filmmaking.

‘Rewind’ keeps the direct, call for understanding and story telling, to the minimalistic maximum.

Get in. The water’s fabulous.


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