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JET LUV. Astoria NYC Based Band Offers First Single ‘Rebel On The Run’. And It’s Delicious.

With love on their mind and music in their hearts, the trio of Gus Rich, George Vardaros, and Brian Waterhouse decided, rightly, to offer up to the world their debut single.

So, is that world better off for it?

Yes. Indeed.

The cool heads prevailed, in this world of cynics and macabre deliberates, always in the search for the ‘angle’ in life. There are ways to be wealthy enough to order Ninja knives from QVC, without straining out the credit cards. But with JET LUV’s singular delight of ‘Rebel On The Run’, the price to pay for the song, is more than acceptable.

Your heart cries for an era of freedom and free-flowing cocktails. And in your heart of hearts, this Beatles-esque pop-rock decadence makes your mouth turn into a fabulous smile.

The smile is of approval, and a notion that, maybe, our lives are a bit better than we’d ever thought before.

Color comes into play, once more with ‘Rebel On The Run’.



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