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Song Of The Day! Jett Kwong Share Stirs With Visions of ‘Away’.


Haunting, remise, exploratory, painfully exquisite, JETT KWONG’s single ‘Away’ gives shivers on your living skin with gifts of tart emotions, loving, professing, and caressing with laser focus to what it means to live.

Song of the Day!

Living with a notion of indebted vigor to the ones she loves, and to those she endears with peppers of loving kisses and hugs – ‘Away’ traverses with ease into the realms of the uncaring, and transforms those vibes back into what really matters in this world. What Jett cares most for and of – kicking the barrels of naughty, and balancing into the dark and irreverent scent of being fulfilled.

Fulfilled with the understanding, is what Jett has been doing ever since her debut in 2016 with her EP ‘Stark Night’.

And when this extraordinary creature of a single casts a spell on your everyday, you pause and surmise, at the power of gifts that can be given by an individual and to a world that sits outside that window of consciousness.

Often showcasing her deliberate study for what music could be, she had found her voice in the wilds of Los Angeles after moving from Denver Colorado. With her fascination and love for the Chinese guzheng music, she incorporates the classical instrument with apropos succinctness and elemental subtlety.

Wrapped in that casing of astuteness, is Jett’s voluptuous voice that can take you to the edge of the event horizon. And ‘Away’ is that next demonstration of her lyrically complex acumen; letting the premise of the story ample vision to bloom. Her voice carries the words, in a virtual color works of delight and airy substantiveness. The combination of the complementing-ly understated presence, liquify with every shimmer, and electrifies with every bar of thought and memories, we may or may not have had.

Shatteringly supple synths, give warmth to the vastness of the whole, as your mind sails with guzheng strings, strumming the cares of a para-soundscape and longing for that, which Jett would always embrace.

Stated Jett: “I am inspired to tell not only my and my family’s histories, but a broader story of culture – to be a conduit for those stories and to find more innovative ways to express them.”

Jett is empowered by many issues, from women’s rights, social and political reform and questions around justice.

She’s the right one for you.

You may never have known it.

Now you know.

Jett helps us see, with our hearts in hand, with furtive dexterity and expected deference.

Jett’s work is beautiful in every way. And ‘Away’ is our crush.



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