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Jett Kwong // SJUR // Lavengro // Joey Mossman // rx Soul

Jett Kwong – Away (Music Video)

‘Away’ had been a Song Of The Day here at CHF. We’d stated about JETT KWONG: “Wrapped in that casing of astuteness, is Jett’s voluptuous voice that can take you to the edge of the event horizon. And ‘Away’ is that next demonstration of her lyrically complex acumen; letting the premise of the story ample vision to bloom. Her voice carries the words, in a virtual color works of delight and airy substantiveness.” Just let the music wash over you, as Jett’s vocals crystalize and caress.

SJUR – Back To Life

Sjur Kristian Gimmestad is SJUR, and the Norwegian DJ and producer teamed with MC Brandyn Burnette to offer ‘Back To Life’. “I wanted to try something different on this one. I experimented with synths from “Future Bass”, drum patterns from “Drum & Bass” and added melodic verses to design the vibe I was searching for. Working with Brandon was amazing – he completely clicked with the structure of the song, and came up with the verses and chorus in virtually no time at all.” The SONY Music Norway represented SJUR, keeps the atmosphere light and vibrant, as Brandyn’s energy and enthusiasm kicks the single into new gears and danceable repertoires. Summer anyone??

Lavengro – Live for the Weekend

‘Live For The Weekend’ is an anthemic parlance for the feelings that we have, whether it’s on the first hours of Hump Day passes. Or is it a statement of affection for the girl you love to hang with? Drinks, laughs, smiles, excitement – a call for what ails to dissipate with the sunshine of the weekend. The song just works, doesn’t it? Irish pop collective LAVENGRO makes it look easy with this single as you drop all that you’re doing in order to get ready for the days that really matter. Formed in 2015, the band brings funky electro-pop sensibilities built for the radio and built for festivals.

Joey Mossman – Waste

JOEY MOSSMAN’s single ‘Waste’ is a mix of some of the gray of relationships, splashed with the notion that maybe there were plenty of good that came out of it. Willing to keep trying and continue the love that was? Maybe. But we can get together and find out. There’s no far off future with this promise. It is how we can feel, as of now and as of this instant that are together. Will you make it possible? Are you willing to let it go? Joey’s musical journey is on its way to blossom the way he’d like it to. The sunshiny slivers, mix with ease and opportune excellence within Joey’s productions. Pop with a tinge of ‘Joey’. Good stuff.

rx Soul – When I Get Home (Prod. rx Soul)

Stated rx soul: “Really loved writing this tune – after performing with SHAED and a show coming up with Bob Moses, I feel as though my writing is getting so much better and inspiring to me.” And when the inspiration of beats and harmonies meet with distinctive hooks and affection, the talented producer named rx soul is within sight. When we’re in a state of distress, our instincts are to gather ourselves with the one who can make things feel right. The promise of salvaging the rightful place in love and loss, is where ‘When I Get Home’ comes into play. The emotions that you feel. The emotions that drive you to do the things that you do. Actions lead to the enduring attraction of one to another. She needs you. He wants you. rx Soul keeps it direct and sultry. A decidedly fabulous production, indeed.


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