jfarr ‘This Might Feel Right’ : Rivers of thoughts that made who he was, at this moment and on.


Jonathan Pfarr is the project, jfarr.

“‘This Might Feel Right’ is the lead track off of a two track mini EP titled ‘This Might Feel…’,” said Jonathan. “This song transitions into its counter piece “This Might Feel Wrong”, a more somber and sad track. ‘This Might Feel Right’ is about the process of falling in love with someone. Finding joy in spending time with them. Knowing that you will eventually fall in love with someone early on in the relationship, way before they know it. Which leads you to think ‘This Might Feel Right'”.

The song is encapsulated in the feelings that vibe out of the ringing piano notes by the end of the song. The calm inflections of a heart that longs, they keys direct your attention to the rivers of thoughts that made who he was, at this moment and on.

Jonathan comes through.


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