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Jim and Sam // Nolan Garrett // Hyde Out // Max Collier // Ross Byron

Jim and Sam – The Way It Goes (It’s Inevitable)

When we dream about a beautiful relationship and union, we think of JIM AND SAM. The Los Angeles duo sullies forth emotions of memories we part, during our growth and maturing through this visage world. Jim’s vocals and duo harmonies glimmer in ‘The Way It Goes (It’s Inevitable)’. And when the wife/husband team sings, we listen with our chests fully accepting of the love that flows. The pair stated: “This EP is about navigating our relationship with control. It’s a delicate balance between letting go and repositioning our grip”. Off of their latest sophomore EP ‘Yeah Whatever Young Forever’, this single attests directly to what we imagine of JIM AND SAM. More profoundly, of what we desire to become in our own vastness of existence. Look for them in Pittsburg January 6th, at the Club Cafe.

Nolan Garrett – No Secrets

Off of his latest EP ‘What If’, NOLAN GARRETT’s single ‘No Secrets’ instinctively traverses a material world of things and love, to forge a fantastical formulation of desires and ideal outcomes. The Tacoma, Washington raised artist moved to the UK in 2016, after his high-school graduation. The aim was in further exploring, gauging, evolving, his love for music, and find his own tenets for being an artist. The withdrawn DIY-dreamcasting malaise is natural to Nolan, and we want to see where this ride goes in 2019.

Hyde Out – Nights

London based band HYDE OUT, comes at us with ‘Nights’. A delicate exercise in balance, the wavy and shivering vocals, tangentially immersed in the harmonies, make for a warm evening in front of a fire of your choice. Off of their 12 song album ‘Technicolor Ghost’, delightfully builds and progresses from one side of emotions to the other. The rest of the album is a mix of synth, rock, new wave, ballads, and good ol’ fashion soft rock. HYDE OUT is a unique experience. And we welcome you to join us in their endeavors.

Max Collier – In Some Time

Singer/songwriter MAX COLLIER is the gentle breeze of encouragement that we need. And through ‘In Some Time’, our vapid and often short sighted view of our lives, is expanded with a kind of ‘California Sun’ blaze and glare. As the warm sunshine drapes over our skin, the sensation of ‘being alright’ envelopes us with confidence. Deep breath and a life tackled with eyes wide open, is what ‘In Some Time’ offers the listener. And we’re ‘IN’. The Los Angeles artist makes music at his loft, DIY, and self produced. The way it should be right? Let the Roy Orbison-esque attitude in Max’s vocals calm your soul. Let his song be your best friend, for a time.

Ross Byron – Life’s been Good

ROSS BYRON is that arm tattoo you’d always wanted to get. Bold, strong, bad-ass, and with full of gumption – the artist brings the good-ol’ punk attitude to the classic rock construction in ‘Life’s Been Good’. In his latest album ‘Red & Black’, the NYC based rocker gets under your skin and just doesn’t want to leave. We bet, in a live setting, he’s awfully fun to watch. Anywho, his record is available now, with 10 songs to boot.


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