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Jimmy Luna – PINK!

Jimmy Luna releases his new music video for the first lead single ‘Pink’ from his late EP from March, ‘WELCOME TO DARKNESS’. The jack-of-all-trades rapper & producer is still on the rise as a founding member of Prism Tribe, a magnetic alternative rap collective formed through the internet that in the short times they’ve been able to come together in person have been able to create a star-powered online presence, gain glimpses of viral attention & make their own specific brand of music. He with the help of fellow PT members SckSolo & Casey Frizzell, got their first tastes of fame when they earned the opportunities of performing in front of their school, Sunrise Mountain High School, several times including once opening for Drake Bell as a part of the High School Nation Tour & another at Mandalay Bay’s House of Blues, Las Vegas. It was at this time Jimmy started collaborating & recruiting other core members. Jimmy’s the kind of meal that you want over and over, as you stake out your claims at the coat check, asking for her phone number then winking a kiss to the girl who might be the one. Can fairy tale come true this way? Well, with Jimmy, anything is possible. Dig.

Dylan Bernard – Higher

“When I started to write ‘Higher’, I knew that I wanted to write about something different,” said Dylan Bernard. “I was at a point where it felt like I was writing about love and relationships over and over again, and I wanted to write something a little more personal. I wanted to write a song that personified how I felt about music. Mark started playing melodies on the electric guitar and shared the opening lyrics to the song. After that, everything happened naturally and the song basically wrote itself.” You listen. We listen. Then we listen again to the vocals of Dylan, and his nuance of musical expressions in ‘Higher’ – then we seek love in the places of our minds. The deliciously produced and constructed single is the perfect example of what Dylan is all about as a singer/songwriter. Emotions at the edge of sleeves, dripping with palpitating surface of doubt – converging to a knife point of breakdown and empathy. That’s what Dylan brings. The sky’s the limit as love has none. Will we get to that plane of beauty? With Dylan, we have a great chance. “For me,” added Dylan, “this song is about the way music and songwriting make me feel, but this can be about anyone or anything that is special to you, and I think that is the really cool thing about music.”

Moby Rich – Moby Rich

Moby Rich stated: “We wrote ‘Loser’ because we wanted to have our own anthem to let people know it’s okay to be a weirdo and to not be understood by everyone. It was one of those songs that wrote itself because of how much we believe in what it stands for. It’s so easy to get caught up in what everybody thinks is cool and forget that all the things that make us unique are the parts people remember about us. No one is remembered for just blending in. Be unapologetically you, forget what’s ‘cool.’” Los Angeles 2 piece, Moby Rich, turn melancholy song craft into bold, pop hooks and visuals. Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger, relocated to LA in 2015 from Indianapolis and Atlanta respectively in search of, well, anything. Primary colors enrich the hues of the duo’s works, as they pump in wafts of fun with the mix of realities that makes you just want to say “Hells yea!” to the grumps of what you are. It’s okay, as the duo states. Being you, the weirder you, is as celebratory as any other. Unique, special, and something to offer this world, the boys offer the energy to plow ahead into whatever you want to be. It’s a big world, after all. Contineud Moby Rich: “Thinking you’re a loser can be a lonely feeling, but the funny thing is, we all feel like losers at some point. So why don’t we celebrate another thing that brings us all a little closer?” Indeed. See the duo next on October 29th in New York City @ Brooklyn Steel.
John The Blind

fakelife – Your Love Is A Flood

Matt Couchois is indie-pop project, fakelife. He’s had his share of music biz ‘almosts’ in a career that has included partnering with a superstar manager and experiencing something of a label signing frenzy. Yet, a few years ago, he found himself entering his 30s, living with his parents with no musical prospects. This time around, he offers the fabulous pop fare in his newest single ‘Your Love Is A Flood’. And fakelife isn’t its namesake, as the song is one of Matt’s ways of delivering with gumption and new convictions towards his musical existence and life in general. “Back then, I didn’t know what the hell I was going to do,” Matt added. “I had no band and no music—the rug got pulled from under me, and I had to do a lot of soul searching. I had to be honest with myself and make the music I love.” Matt didn’t want to let go. There was just too much he’d wanted to offer this world of his. With desperation to seek out the edges of what his heart knew could be done, his perseverance and gratitude for the methods pays off with great accomplishment and polish. The emotive vanquishment of such honesty in ‘Your Love Is A Flood’, is the final product of a heart that had been hurt by a meandering river of circumstantial circumstances that further emboldened his resolve. Matt is here. His songs are breath taking. It’s time – once more.

Austin Self – Higher Vibrations

Bloomington, Indiana based artist Austin Self does reggae proud with this pop induced situation in ‘Higher Vibrations’. With an uplifting reggae vibe, it has very positive and surging message to its core. It’s about getting to a higher place, with one foot in death’s doorway, but giving the middle finger to the spirits of limitation. The world is what you make for yourself, and with the candid ‘vibrations’ of this single, Austin’s got something good in the works. When things don’t look good, pick your chin up and roll with the flow. Let’s look for more and what else Austin can offer, as the weeks roll on.


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