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JindaLee Shares ‘Sleepwalk Reverie’. “Complex, simple. Songwriting, beautifully laid.”

Complex and simple at the same time, JindaLee, is poetry whisked into a fabric of the Universe. And as her single ‘Sleepwalk Reverie’ continues to round that corner of your personal footprint of reality, it shifts with the colors of a chameleon demonstrates.

Selections of words is a critical aspect of songwriting. It is a protective barrier against mis-communication, mis-alignment, and sorely detrimental lack in imagination.

JindaLee’s delicate and ambrosia wording of her sentiments, make her who she is. And that is fully reflective in the creative gumption of ‘Sleepwalk Reverie’.

Jaunting mal-contentment is decadently subdued within the hallways of this single. But it is only to the outcome of her trying to bleed out the best in the calm and galactic efforts of the song. From melody and pace, the outstanding cast of hue from this understated single, rouses affection and respect for all that is. JindaLee’s vocals are tantamount to the peaks of glory, as it sultrily seduces without a sweat. The Alberta Canada grown artist moved to Montreal (now based out of Toronto) in developing and attaining her degree in creative writing. A source of expertise you hear in her songs, the emphasis in fulfilling the frame work of a protagonist, is evident and beautifully laid.

Look for her upcoming album ‘Vela’.

Should be a dandy.



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