joan Covers Canopy Climbers’ single ‘magnetic’ : Song of appreciation and quenching of that famine of hearts’ desires.


joan (Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford) have spent the past two years building their musical empire in the perfect way, single by single – tour date by tour date (and their live shows are intoxicating!).

With all that hard work, they’ve won hearts internationally by doing what they do best. Bringing joy into our lives through their super unique take on alt pop that ranges seamlessly from dance party in your living room to soaring ballads infused with the sweetest hint of 90’s R&B influences.

“Infectious. Seamless. Shuttering. A deluge of beautiful illusions, with a focus in only handling your attraction with the ultimate caress.” The retro goodness and pop decadent to current modernity..”

The duo is a return to another age of pop and boy bands, which garners decadent visions of love and affection. A trend of notes and bars, which harken to the most basic and earth shattering, within all of us.

‘magnetic’ is love for the love we cherish. It is the song of appreciation and quenching of that famine of hearts’ desires.


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