joan ‘want u back’ : Getting better, growth, loving harder, and learning from mistakes.


Arkansas darlings joan have released their single ‘want u back’. This ultimate bop sees the guys transforming from the duo we’ve come to know and love, into a self-replicating six piece band featuring special guest players (themselves).

‘want u back’ is from joan’s upcoming EP ‘cloudy’, their first with Photo Finish Records (August 6th).

“Created in the fall, introduced live in the winter, finished in the spring, released in the summer. we made ‘cloudy’ to tell a story of one relationship and the fact that love can be messy but so beautiful. You know you shouldn’t be with them right now, but you *have* to be with them, right now. as we were finishing the record, we were forced to be in quarantine and spend more time at home. We both took to walking every evening, and would text each other pictures of the sky while doing it. It felt like the name for the EP had fallen in our laps after talking about it one day. ‘Clouds’ can create a beautiful or terrifying scene, they can bring refreshing rain or a destructive storm. When you see clouds, it’s probably not great at the moment, but it will get better. That’s what this EP is about – getting better, growth, loving harder, and learning from mistakes.”

joan (Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford) have spent the past two years building their musical empire in the perfect way, single by single – tour date by tour date (and their live shows are intoxicating!).

With all that hard work, they’ve won hearts internationally by doing what they do best. Bringing joy into our lives through their super unique take on alt pop that ranges seamlessly from dance party in your living room to soaring ballads infused with the sweetest hint of 90’s r&b influences.

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just getting started 🧲

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