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JOCKS Shares ‘Back It Up’. “You Will Fall In Love.”

‘Moody Vocals’. JOCKS’ newest single release ‘Back It Up’ is exactly that. Yes: it is a pop song made for radio. Yes: it is an indie band that is filled to the brim with ‘boy-band’ goodness. However, listen to this single. Listen with your closed eyes. Let it drape you underneath its water fall of notes, on top of majestic notes. It will tear you apart. You will smile.

You will fall in love.

We got to dig this little diddy from the four man band, when the intro played. Then the simultaneous harking of the vocals and the hi-hat work came to the fore.

Simply, we got up, took off our jacket (why in Summer, we don’t know) and hung it by the closet.

Now, JOCKS is perfect for the current radio indie-pop wave – in style, and presentation. But we at CHF, dig each song at a time, and ‘Back It Up’ is the closest to being a song that is within our wheelhouse.

You should dig it for its glory.

You should dig it (have a go) because we at CHF love it too.

And you should dig it, because, while this is on, she will hold your hand, in the car, while driving, without any reason.




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