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Joe Connor Little // The Alternate Routes // Albert Kass // Uforia // Rival Karma

Joe Connor Little – Ordinary

JOE CONNOR LITTLE said: “As a kid, there was no youtube, but we had network television, so I’d spend hours skipping between music channels until I’d land on a video that looked or sounded intriguing. The biggest impact for me was when you get that perfect combination of music and film. I believe if a song is without accompanying film or artwork, it’s somehow incomplete. Combining music and film also offers a great opportunity to collaborate with other creatives and reach out to different audiences.” The foundational truth of what it is like for one to be growing up. There are billions of stories like this. But there’s only one JCL’s type of story. And only he can put it into words, through music like he does in ‘Ordinary’. “‘Ordinary’ is about how ordinary feelings of sadness and loneliness are,” ​Joe explains, ​“and about how in knowing that, there’s a kind of reassurance or hope… because you’re not the only one feeling this way, and you’re not alone.”

The Alternate Routes – Tonight

Tim Warren and Eric Donnelly make up the core of THE ALTERNATE ROUTES. The refreshingly fab tunes of the band is reminiscent of the late 80’s pop rock radio band, but of course has the attention of modern sensibilities that just score with impunity and devastation to the heart. Vocals and the instrumental framing is all pop and never apologizes for that succulent constitution. The light and airy envelopment has the beautifully laid out notes, singing like birds on that fateful Spring sunset evening. The Bridgeport, Connecticut originating band is AOR at its best, and is soothing and lovely to listen to.

Albert Kass – Shallow Sea

Many of ALBERT KASS’ singles are about ‘fighting that good fight’. It’s about hanging on to that relationship. It’s the will to try for that last ‘try’. It’s that good faith of giving the other, to start fresh towards that newer horizon. We’d stated about Albert’s works: “Wise beyond his years, the boundlessly poetic singer/songwriter marks every word of his songs the his bout with life. The hurt and the pains, never heals properly. But he chooses to fight.” The honesty in his lyrics are complex in harmonies, disparate in sentiments, which he accepts with no doubts as the world isn’t made of only sweetness. A realist and pragmatist, the protagonist of Albert’s songs, is both cynical but an ultimate example of optimism. ‘Shallow Sea’ is one other example of such quality.

Uforia – Crawl

“This was the easiest lyric to write,” said Toronto based UFORIA’s frontman Michael Ursini about the new single. “Crawl is a song about perseverance. The struggle of fighting through all of life’s obstacles can take a toll on the human body and mind. It reminds people to have faith in themselves – it’s pretty much how I feel every day, trying to get ahead in the music industry.” A solo project evolved into a 4 piece hard rock band and they’d released 3 EPs since 2012. Hard Rock’s Rising Canada competition and Jack Daniel’s Support-ing Act contest, and Mississauga Music awards for “Best Rock Artist” (2017) & Song of the Year (2018), have been accolades some would be jealous of. The band works and keeps the vibe of driving hard at life in ‘Crawl’. And in their credit, they do it with that sense of “joie de vivre” that’s unique to them. It’s infectious and energizing.

Rival Karma – Go!

New EP A.Y.N (Are You Ninja?) is available now. And through it the shooting hips that RIVAL KARMA’s single ‘Go!’ gives you will come with the package. Stress free! Originally from London, the duo, are tornadoes of power and grace, framed in a guitar fuzz ridden painting of explosions and decorations. As legend has it, the band was watching the famous ‘Everyone be cool, this is a robbery’ scene from ​Tarantino’s ​Pulp Fiction​. Hence a movie by a movie of consequences, deeds, coincidences, and violence inspired ‘Go’. Heck yea man. We dig that! The single’s striking neo-psychedelic artwork is by notable Miami graphic designer ​Lola Blu ​(Quest Love/Anderson .Paak).


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