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JOE JANIAK Shares ‘The Best You Ever Had’. Debut Single And Then Some.

Sunny wasn’t just a girl in the neighborhood. She was my best friend. And throughout our formative years, we were best pals. We did everything together. We’d see each other in the morning, walk to school, hang out at lunch time, walk back from school. After the day was done, we’d play in our street cul-de-sac, played basketball, run around like crazy, drew stuff on the pavement with chalk, as we watched the sun slowly creep down under the horizon while sipping on our Capri Sun packets.

In those years, in the warmth of the Californian hills, we were loving life.

Of course, time doesn’t stay still, and we grew into little young teens very soon. I was awkward, as nature intended at that age. But Sunny was still beautiful.

My feelings towards her changed in high-school. Well, if I’m to be honest, I’d always loved her since grammar school, and that feeling never subsided. I didn’t know completely what ‘love’ actually meant then, but what I knew was that I needed her in my life, for always.

Fear of rejection was looming. And I knew it.

I prepared for the worst in the latter years of my high-school days. I”d been a bit puzzled why she’d never had a boyfriend in school. I’d never had the guts to ask her to find out.

Then one day, while watching the sun set on our street, she asked, “Are you going to ask me out to the prom?”

My eyes bulged, and my mouth became dry. I didn’t know what to say or how to react.

“Well, were you going to or not?”

“Sunny, I never knew you’d wanted me to.”

“You should have known that years ago, dummy. We’re best pals. And we care for each other, right?”

“Yea,” I answered, still dumbfounded.

“So, you have to take care of me, and be my date. Okay?”


JOE JANIAK has a knack for exuding the kind of story telling we love to hear, here at CHF. His unique vocals are a perfect fit for the gentle rolls of life we all go through. Mundane and the extraordinary moments, make or define the life we live. And sometimes we don’t recognize how significant those can be in pushing us towards the future. The impeccable vulnerability and salient viscosity of Joe’s single ‘The Best You Ever Had’ digs in deep in our cortex, and doesn’t let go easily.

Joe’s solo project is here. And with nearly a decade of ‘tinkering’ it’s ready to be shared. “I think when you’re trying to figure out your own thing, it’s a difficult process,” Joe says from his LA home. “It’s like giving advice to a friend – much easier to hand out, but harder to take.”

‘The Best You Ever Had’ is a beautiful start to Joe’s solo quest, to be sure.

And we dig it, lots.



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